Rantizo in the News

SPN: Rantizo Reduces Farmers Need For Chemicals

Rantizo electrostatic agrichemical sprayer drone

September 27, 2018

Spraying chemicals to control weeds and insects can be a time consuming part of agricultural work, as well as an expensive one. The Iowa City startup Rantizo, which is currently going through the Iowa Startup Accelerator, hopes to streamline the process using drones and electrostatic sprays for application of chemicals.

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AgPro: Drone Targets Weeds With Precision

Drone spraying in field

September 24, 2018

After concluding our initial field trials in 2018, the Rantizo technology platform was featured on Farm Journal's, Ag Professional website. In this article Rantizo CEO, Michael Ott explains the Rantizo solution complete with drones, electrostatic sprayers, and agrichemical cartridges. 

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Rantizo Speaks at InterDrone 2018

September 5, 2018

Precision spraying in agriculture is needed due to the lack of effectiveness of existing agrichemicals. Decades of use (and overuse) have led to chemical resistance and superweeds. Precision in spraying will lead to more efficient use of chemicals and labor as well as reduced exposure to increasingly toxic agrichemicals. 

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Rantizo Looks to Drones as Ag’s Next Frontier

July 3, 2018

The drones are a mesmerizing sight as they crisscross the fields in a seemingly orchestrated ballet, covering large swaths of land without releasing any mist at all, and then dispersing a barely visible trail. Once in a while, a drone diverts back to base, where it lands to refuel.

This scene is closer to reality than you might think.

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Rantizo Speaks at Drone Focus 2018

April 31, 2018

Autonomous systems are no longer a thing of the past but rather, the future is now. Drone Focus believes in the potential of Unmanned Systems and the opportunities the industry creates for entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. Rantizo presented at the conference, alongside major players in the industry such as NASA, John Deere, and Microsoft.

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Iowa Startup Power Rankings for April

April 30, 2018

We were featured in the Clay and Milk Start Up Power Rankings for April!  Rantizo placed #1 on the chart due to our performance at the AGLaunch Start Up Contest. 

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Rantizo: Precision Drone Spraying

April 11, 2018 


Be more effective while doing less…it’s what the AgTech startup Rantizo is attempting to do in the spraying industry. 

“We revolutionize the spraying industry,” Co-founder Michael Ott told Clay & Milk. “Agriculture spraying is a big business and has big problems.”

To fix those problems, Rantizo pairs drone technology with an electrostatic spray to target and reach specific areas within a field...(Read More)

Cedar Rapids Gazette: Iowa City Drone Sprayer Company Gets Attention in Memphis

 April 10, 2018 

Michael Ott can see a future where a fleet of drones flies over a farm field, doing the same work planes and tractors do today.

A co-founder of Rantizo, a agriculture-technology startup, Ott and business partner Matthew Beckwith are working on a way for farmers to more precisely deliver chemicals, such as fertilizer, to their fields...

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USDA Secretary Perdue Meets AgLaunch Startups at Mid-South Farm and Gin Show

March 7, 2018 

Secretary Sonny Perdue met with three AgLaunch startup companies as part of the AgLaunch Startup Station weekend held as part of the Mid-South Farm and Gin Show at the Cook Convention Center. Secretary Perdue attended the Farm and Gin Show to announce a new cost share program for cotton producers....

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Rantizo Wins AgLaunch Startup Station Pitch Contest

March 8, 2018: 

Rantizo, a targeted drone sprayer company focused on agriculture, won the AgLaunch Startup Station Pitch Contest in Memphis, Tennessee on March 2 nd . Rantizo will receive an all-expense paid trip and dedicated spot to pitch at the 2018 Farm Journal AgTech Expo in Indianapolis. The AgLaunch Startup Station boasted fifteen of the most innovative agricultural technology entrepreneurs from across the country to showcase how their ideas will shape the future of food and agriculture.  

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Rantizo Featured by AGWeb.com

March 7, 2018

Want to peek behind the curtain at tomorrow’s hottest farming technology? Look no further than agriculture’s shark tank.

Pedal to the floor and tires smoking, AgLaunch provided a lively shark tank-type forum for 15 vanguard technologies covering all facets of agriculture on March 2 in Memphis, Tenn...(Read More)