What is Rantizo?

Delivering Agricultural Solutions


 Cost Effective Solutions. In a $36 Billion global chemical and application market,  chemical effectiveness is decreasing, leading to increasing application costs.  Rantizo strives to deliver solutions through automation  to recognize field issues, diagnosing the problems, and aerially spraying agrichemicals via drone. 

Drone Based Agrichemical Spraying


Cutting Edge Innovation. Agrichemicals are delivered precisely where they are needed using an electrostatic sprayer mounted on a drone. Drones are loaded with cartridges only containing the active chemical ingredient.  

Integrated Software and Hardware


More Than Diagnostics. Existing drone companies are primarily diagnostic, gathering data to help farmers make decisions. 

What is Electrostatic Spraying?

Electrostatics. Electrostatic spraying is a method that can reduce problems with uneven coverage and over spray that result from using a regular sprayer.  Spraying creates a strong bond, and covers crops evenly with wrap-around coverage. Because of this high transfer efficiency, it uses less chemicals to cover a field. 

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