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Keep spraying with the Loan-A-DroneTM program

A drone repair can ground your operation for days at a time. With only so many spraying days in a year, you don’t have time to waste. The Loan-A-DroneTM program from Rantizo ensures you can get the most out of the season while having your drone repaired by DJI-certified technicians. Available exclusively to those with Silver and Gold Rantizo support packages, the Loan-A-Drone program provides a temporary DJI agriculture drone rental, so operators can maximize their spraying days.

Minimize downtime with Rantizo 

If your drone is having issues, you can rely on a trusted team of professionals to help make things right. Rantizo has a team of DJI-certified drone technicians ready to help you get back in the air. The repair shop is open to any T10, T30 or T40 DJI agriculture drone operator with a Rantizo support package.

Minimize downtime further with prioritized repair timelines and access to the Rantizo Loan-A-DroneTM program.


When the Loan-A-DroneTM program is active, you’ll have access to a Rantizo drone rental for the length of your repair. You’ll be responsible for a daily rental fee and shipping costs.


Your temporary replacement drone will arrive without propellers, nozzles and a remote. However, as a DJI drone owner, you’ll be able to use the parts you have on hand to get your rented drone in the air.


When your drone repairs are complete, Rantizo will send it your way, so you can get back to your regular schedule.


Make sure your Loan-A-Drone tank is cleaned out and your nozzles and propellors have been removed. Ship your replacement back and take off confidently, knowing your drone was carefully serviced by a certified technician.

Loan-A-Drone requirements

To qualify for the Rantizo Loan-A-DroneTM program, you must have a Silver or Gold support package and proof of insurance. Rantizo will work with you to ensure you have everything you need to get your Loan-A-DroneTM as quickly as possible.

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