Mike Schmitz walks along side his Rantizo drone spraying crops

With new technology comes the desire to see it work. We get it!

Do you need decision maker buy-in? Looking for a way to show your customers you’re on the cutting edge? A Rantizo drone spraying or applications demo is a great way to do that.

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Mobility, precision and timing are the 3 biggest things that make a drone the most ideal type of applicator for crop protectants. Drones won’t drive over crop like a ground rig might and drones are more maneuverable around obstacles than other types of aerial applicators. Application height and speed make drones just as precise if not more precise than a ground rig especially if the drone is using completely autonomous flights. Now as far as timing goes, drones like any other aerial applicator can spray as soon as the leaves are dry without any worry about making tracks or adding compaction to the field. 


Pinnacle Ag Group